The Punisher S:01 E:05

We have made it to episode five and we are finally starting to get some answers to some questions big and small. We learn the identity of the person that recorded the video that lead to the death of Frank’s family and the attempted murder of Lieberman.  We learned that Madina has sex just like you would expect her too, she never surrenders control anywhere. We learned what was really behind Project Cerberus and what lead to the death of Madani’s partner. I would like to say it was something more interesting than it is but it is a very real-world reason.


Most crimes that are not the result of mental illness come down to two things, love and money in this case the cause was money. Someone was smuggling drugs out of Afghanistan and whether they were killing the competition or killing people to steal their supplies it doesn’t make much of a difference to Frank. Frank is the only one out to put people down now, the series has been given its ticking clock. An announcement is going to be made and before that happens, anyone attached to Cerberus needs to be silenced meaning Frank will have more people to protect or avenge and the hunt for him will intensify.

girl talk

The episode was well shot and introduced hand held cinematography to the series in a good way but I hope it doesn’t become a fixture. If I want to see that kind of footage I will go to YouTube and watch GoPro videos or watch a low budget horror movie. The episode features some good acting moments from Bernthal when he is interacting with Lieberman’s family or showing concern for Karen, which is a nice change for a character that tends to be very abrasive. His interactions with Lieberman can be humorous but they are both self-important, egotistical, rude and I want to yell at them to get along and shut up.


Amber Rose Revah is doing a very good job as Madani, because I don’t like her but I know that I could and want her to do better. She is demanding and just as self-important, egotistical, and rude as Frank and Lieberman so it will be interesting when all three are on screen together, I will either love it or want to fast forward through it. Sam has given her a time line to find Frank or evidence that they can work with before he takes the information about Frank up the ladder. He wants to be a good agent and to help Madani but he gets nothing good in return so he has his limits for how far he will go for her obsession. So far, agent Sam Stein and Leo, Liberman’s daughter, are the two characters I like the most, they are doing their best to make the best of their own bad situations. I hope things begin to improve for Leo or she will be the only 12-year-old with an ulcer, and things will probably end up even worse for Sam.

I am excited to see how dangerous things get and who all was involved in the dirty side of Project Cerberus, here’s hoping we get even more answers next week.


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