The Defenders S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Worst Behavior
Originally Aired August 18th 2017

It has been 28 months since Daredevil first premiered on Netflix in that time we have gotten four more seasons to lead us to this moment when all four heroes are fighting together. They aren’t working together, they don’t trust each other and they don’t really like each other, but here they are taking on the Hand together.

This episode had a lot of different elements to it that made it a lot of fun to watch. Jessica is up to her old PI tricks to get information. Matt is stalking Jessica just because he can, no other real reason than he knows she has powers and always finds trouble and he wants action. We got a bit of a sneak peak of what a Heroes for Hire series would look like when Claire brings Luke to the dojo to meet Danny and Colleen. It doesn’t go nearly as well as she would hope as the two have different motivations at the moment. Luke wants to protect the people of Harlem and Danny is out to avenge the victims of Kun Lun. Even if they are not ready to work together they can still inspire each other to try a different tactic.


A major complaint people had about the Iron Fist series was the quality of the fight scenes. I was a bigger fan than most but tonight was one of if not the best fight Danny has been a part of. The as using the stunt double more and in a better fashion. He does the flashy complex moves and Finn Jones comes in for the showcasing shots where his face is clearly in frame and he is finishing the opponent. I have no doubt that will continue for the final five episodes of the Defenders I just hope it passes on to Iron Fist season 2 whenever it comes about. I’m not sure how most fans are feeling at the moments as it is becoming clear that Danny is going to be the central figure of the show. Matt will be the second most important because of his relationship with Elektra, but it is Danny that is giving the Hand their motivation and pushing the plot forward.

boss lady
So far to this point the Black Sky/Elektra is a bit disappointing. It appears to be a slightly improved zombie Elektra instead of a big power villain we were all expecting. He increases in efficiency could be due to the fact that she is not in full control of her faculties and is just reacting instead of thinking about her next move. We get to see her being brought back to life and tested by Alexandra in some good action scenes that feature Elodie Young as a physical presence but not much of a test of her acting chops.

I am very excited to see episode four next week I hope we get one big action scene and a lot of time with all of the characters together. I want to know that this can be a thing even if they will go their own way after episode 8. Join me here next week to hear my thoughts on episode four Royal Dragon.


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