Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:04

Episode Title:  Flooded

Original Air Date: October 16th 2001

“Are you in the wrong line? That’s for deposits, that’s for withdrawals, and this one… Is for getting kicked in the face.” – Buffy

Finally after a sluggish start to the season we finally get some semblance of normality on the show as Buffy settles back into every day life including the numerous problems which come with it as with the basement flooding, she is faced with the reality that her and Dawn or broke and with no way to raise the required funds for the repairs. At the same time Sunnydale faces a new threat in the form of “The Trio” who have summoned a dangerous demons to do their bidding.

This is episode still see the show easing into its rythem and is really more about introducing “The Trio” than the demon threat. The Trio being comprised of Buffy-bot creator Warren, the Sunnydale High underdog Jonathan who since we last saw him seems to have picked up some magical abilities and rounding out the group we have Andrew whose brother was responsible for unleashing Hell-hounds on the prom, though we are told that Andrew also had his own dabbling with demons as he unleashed Demon-monkeys on the school play. Andrew’s brother Tucker was originally to return as the leader of this trio, but as Brad Kane was unavailable he the character of Andrew was created in his place, while Warren was promoted to the leader role.


The Trio might seem as something of a step down for a big evil considering how “Glory” was a hell god but their humorous blundering as they come across like the Spinal Tap of evil really is what the show needs at this point, especially when we get great scenes such as their origin story of them suddenly deciding to take over the world. Still knowing what lies ahead for the group they really are more of a slow burn and considering who ends up as the big evil of the season mile ahead of them.

The main meat of the episode is mainly squandered on Buffy’s homelife with her trying to get a loan and generally figure out how she will keep the house running, which really if you think about it Tara and Willow should also be concerning themselves with, seeing how they’ve been living there since Buffy’s death and yet at no point do either of them offer to help. Anya’s idea of charging for Buffy’s Slayer services would be an idea that we saw bounced around on “Angel” and when the series moved into the comics Buffy would interestingly turn to theft to fund her Slayer army, but for now it marks the start of one of the major themes of this season as Buffy has to find a way to deal with her financial issues.


On the plus side Giles returns from England and gives Willow the dressing down she’s really needed for awhile especially when she is just so sickeningly smug throughout this episode. Giles’ presence as always welcome, especially when he gives us a sudden personality change like we get in this scene.

The final of Buffy getting back to her old self by taking out her frustrations by beating a demon to death with a pipe in her basement would have been a great ending had we not ended on her dashing off for a reunion with Angel which fans would get to see in the comic “Reunion”.

Next Episode: Life Serial


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