Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:33

Episode Title: The Yolk’s on You
Original Airdate: November 16, 1993

Do you like eggs? I like eggs…but not as much as the monster in today’s episode of Power Rangers. Mankind ends up being threatened just because someone ate this monster’s lunch. Get ready for The Yolk’s on You.


As our episode begins, the rangers are getting ready for a talent show. It looks like Jason and Tommy are planning on doing some sort of karate demonstration for the show, but Tommy forgot their belts so he has to go back and get them. And here we get the latest way of getting Tommy out of the action for awhile…forgotten karate belts. Meanwhile, up on the moon, Finister is preparing a new surprise monster for Rita’s birthday. It’s some kind of strange walking fish with big teeth, called Fang.


When Rita realizes what Finister has done, she sends her other minions down to give Fang a hand. They also send some putties down to deal with Tommy. Strangely these putties manage to get the jump on Tommy, snatching his wrist communicator and catching him in a net. As for Goldar, Squatt and Baboo, they get a bit hungry as they look for Fang. They find some eggs which they eat, but it turns out they were gooney bird eggs which belonged to Fang. He’s kind of obsessive about the eggs, I guess.


About this time, Zordon contacts the other rangers and sends them off to battle Fang. Kimberly, of course, wants to rescue Tommy, but Zordon says he can take care of himself. When the rangers show up, Goldar gets Fang to attack them by telling him that the rangers have more eggs. After a hand-to-hand battle, Rita shows up to make Fang grow, so now it’s time for some dino zord action. Tommy, meanwhile, wiggles his way out of the net and gets his communicator back from the putties. He then heads off to join in the fight. Long story short: the dragon zord and Titanis are summoned and Fang is quickly blown away.

This is one particular case where I feel a little bad that the monster gets blown away. I mean, Fang doesn’t seem like that bad a guy, he’s just hungry and somebody ate his lunch. Who hasn’t had their lunch stolen from the office fridge? Am I right? Plus, the voice he has is kind of nasaly and, frankly, a bit pathetic sounding. Poor guy’s just on the wrong team. It seems like we could’ve saved Angel Grove this time by just having Trini head down to Ralph’s, get a couple dozen eggs, put a bow on them, and hand them over to Fang. Problem solved.


One thing that struck me about this episode is how it’s getting more and more ridiculous finding ways for Tommy to be absent from the initial monster battle in each episode. We’ve seen things like “I have something I need to do” and “I have a karate class to teach.” This time it’s forgetting their karate belts! Is that really that much of an emergency that you need to run off and get them RIGHT NOW!?!


This episode has some other strange moments. For some reason, Billy sports a cowboy hat at the beginning and ending of this episode. Now, it could be for the talent show, but we never actually see what is act is…so we don’t really know. Could it possibly be that deep down Billy is a country singer at heart? Just like Hootie, formerly of the Blowfish? I’m not sure his country stylings could possibly beat Bulk and Skull’s heavy metal act which closes the episode, though. Only Kimberly gives them a few polite claps. The rest of the audience is stunned.

A few polite claps may be, ultimately, what this episode is worthy of. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t rally stand out, either. For me it just got way too caught up with gooney bird eggs. Next time, though, we get the first episode in an epic two-parter that will mean big changes for a major character. Join us for The Green Candle part 1.


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