Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:32

I’ve always thought that the Power Rangers don’t really seem all that concerned with hiding their secret identities. First there’s the whole wardrobe thing. I mean, each of them has a tendency to wear the same colors as their superhero persona on a daily basis. Then we have the martial arts angle. They are the best kung fu kids in Angel Grove, and these masked kung fu superheroes keep saving the city. Duh…think about it for a minute! Well, in today’s episode, Tommy continues to make it easy for anyone with a brain to figure out he’s a Power Rangers by auditioning for a karate commercial in A Star is Born.


Our story begins with the five original rangers heading out for a day at the beach while Tommy goes to the audition. Strangely, the audition is at the school, even stranger, though, is the fact that Bulk is also auditioning for the part. Meanwhile, up on the moon, Rita is too tired to launch an attack on Angel Grove, so Goldar decides to take over for the day. He sends down Scorpina and some putties to cause some trouble down at the beach. Our heroes immediately morph, but Scorpina unleashes her pet worm which sprays a pink goo which traps the rangers in a weird pink cocoon.


While all this is happening, Zordon tries to reach Tommy, but he is in the middle of the audition, and his wrist communicator is in his gym bag. Eventually, the rangers use their blasters to break out of the cocoon, but now they have to do battle with Goldar, Scorpina and Babe Ruthless, the baseball monster. Some epic zord action breaks out, which is joined by Tommy’s Dragon Zord once he gets out of the audition. We even get some strange baseball action as Babe Ruthless hurls a giant ball at the rangers, and the T-rex zord bats it with its tail. It doesn’t just end with them destroying this monster bambino, though. Now, our heroes have to battle a giant-sized version of Scorpina’s worm.


This episode is very heavy on the monster action. After some setup with the commercial auditions, the monsters show up at about the seven minute mark. From there, it’s pretty much non-stop action. It’s not just rubber monsters and robots taking swings at each other, either. There are laser blasts and big explosions all going on right in the heart of downtown Angel Grove. I’m thinking by now the central business district must be limited to a Radio Shack and a Orange Julius stand, ‘cuz this kind of stuff can’t be good for business.


Bulk and Skull do factor pretty heavily in this episode. The duo even show up at the beach before heading off to the audition. This ends up being a very strange scene where Bulk orders Skull to rub sun tan lotion on him so he can get a tan before the big audition. Skull ends up squirting the whole bottle of white goop in Bulk’s face. Not to get crude, but if internet meme creators were to take that scene out of context it could be very inappropriate. It gets worse, though, as skull substitutes mayonnaise for the lotion. The weirdest part is that a jingle for the mayo, Timmy P’s Real Brand Mayonnaise, plays in the background.


Overall, this is a fun episode, but it could be argued that it goes a bit overboard with things. I dare say we too many monsters. Plus, we’re talkin’ some really weird monsters. I mean, Babe Ruthless!?! His face looks like a Mad Ball with a baseball cap. Plus, BOTH of his hands are baseball gloves!! That’s not functional at all! Then we have Scorpina’s pet worm…which strangely has legs. Ok, whatever.

Well, next time, as if monster baseball players weren’t weird enough, we get a big blue creature with an appetite for eggs. Join us next time for The Yolk’s on You.


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