Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:21

Episode Title: Green With Evil Part V
Original Airdate: October 9, 1993

As we ended our last episode, the Power Rangers had just learned the identity of the evil Green Ranger…none other than the new kid in Angel Grove, Tommy. Now it’s up to our heroes to end this battle once and for all. Let’s see how this massive five-parter comes to a close in Green with Evil part V.



At the command center, the rangers are shocked that Tommy is the green ranger. They need to find a way to stop him. Of course, they are still having trouble making contact with Zordon. While Alpha continues to try and make contact with everyone’s favorite floating head, the rangers head out to try and find Tommy. Of course, it’s Kimberly who ends up finding him, lifting weights at the youth center. She reveals that she knows he is the green ranger, and he reveals that he knows she is the pink ranger. He then issues his warning that soon Rita will rule the world.


To help achieve this, Rita decides to unleash a new zord for Tommy to control…the dragon zord. This thing immediately starts tearing up angel grove with its massive tail. The rangers then set out to do battle with Tommy, but find themselves struggling. Luckily, Alpha regains contact with Zordon which gives our heroes access to their zords, once again. This leads to a knock-down drag-out fight between Jason’s T-Rex zord and the dragon zord. Then all the rangers come together to knock a few blows with the megazord. The key to defeating Tommy, though, is to destroy his power sword. That means a hand-to-hand fight between Jason and Tommy. Of course, Jason comes out on top, but that’s not the end. The rangers convince Tommy to join in their fight against Rita. So now, as Zordon says, “the prophecy is complete.” Now we have a team of six rangers to protect Angel Grove.


If you wonder what kids of the 90’s ever saw in this at times silly show, this episode should answer that question. This is essentially 20 minutes of non-stop action. The other four chapters in this story already took care of all the plot exposition…now it’s all about kung fu fighting and giant robot battles. Truth be told, the American cast get a limited amount of screen time in this chapter since so much of this episode is fight scenes from the Japanese footage. The fight scenes are quite creative this time, utilizing a bunch of gimmicks we haven’t seen before.


There are a few loose threads in this episode, though. In Bulk and Skull’s brief appearance they try to take credit for Goldar’s defeat earlier in the story. Then Bulk is shown getting all wide-eyed at the thought of being on TV. I figured that he would try to put himself into the center of the action so he could end up on the news this time…but nothing is done with this moment. We also have Scorpina, who factored into the last few chapters, being pretty much discarded. She shows up briefly at Rita’s palace, but doesn’t really get anything to do. With so much action in this one, though, who really cares about not wrapping up every plot point.


As the episode comes to a close, we learn some new tools that the Power Rangers will have at their disposal with the addition of Tommy to the team. He will continue to controld the dragon zord, which he can summon with his dagger which doubles as a flute!?! Yeah it’s kind of weird, just roll with it. We also learn that the dragon zord can come together with the mastadon, triceratops, and sabretooth tiger to form a new sort of mega zord. So, now a new era begins for the Power Rangers.  Next time all six rangers will be on hand to deal with a monster created by Squatt and Baboo in The Trouble with Shellshock.


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