Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:19

Episode Title: Green with Evil Part III
Original Airdate: October 7, 1993

At the end of our last episode, the Power Rangers had briefly re-established contact with Zordon. However, he keeps fading in and out. Their communicators are also still out of commission and Jason is trapped in another dimension with Goldar out to skewer him. Oh yeah, and there’s still that pesky green ranger to deal with. Let’s see what happens in Green with Evil Part III.


With one ranger already out of the way, Rita decides to make things even more difficult for the rangers by unleashing an evil pal of hers, the lovely but dangerous Scorpina. Meanwhile, Zack and Kimberly head out to try and locate Jason while Trini and Billy attempt to make contact with Zordon again. As they search for Jason, things begin to look a bit suspicious surrounding the new kid on campus, Tommy. So, Zack and Kimberly decide to follow him as he leaves the Youth Center. Just as they are about to catch up, though, a pack of putties attacks them. By the time they are done dealing with the baddies, Tommy is gone.


Later, back at the command center, Billy and Trini are getting close to getting the communicators working. At the same time, Goldar and Jason have been battling it out in an alternate dimension. That is, until the green ranger comes in and insists on finishing off Jason himself. Just as he’s about to split Jason’s skull with the Sword of Evil, Billy gets the wrist communicators working and transports Jason back to the command center. And just in time, I might add, as Scorpina has arrived to wreack havoc. The rangers morph and head off to do battle with the villainess, but after just a short time Rita decides to pull Scorpina out of the battle. She then sends Goldar out and promptly grows him to giant size so he can start squashing Angel Grove’s downtown district. From there we have to wait and see what happens as the words “To Be Continued…” appear on the screen.


Whereas in our last few episodes it was Tommy/Green Ranger that provided the cool fight sequences, this time the best action centers around Jason. His battles with Goldar are pretty strong. However, the Goldar fight is really stretched out as we keep cutting away from it. Plus, the big blue long-haired lion keeps taunting Jason. It kind of reminded of the Emperor vs Luke in Return of the Jedi. I always kind of wish Luke had just stood up and said, “Palpatine, dude, you sure like the sound of your own voice, don’t you?” Well, that’s kind of what we get out of Goldar this time. He gives lines like, “You’re not begging for mercy because I wouldn’t give you any!!”


This episode did really baffle me a bit, though. I don’t totally get what the reason was for introducing the vilainess Scorpina. Rita summons her and then sends her to earth where she battles the Power Rangers for all of about 30 seconds before Goldar starts saying how she’s overpowered and needs to be sent back. What a waste! I actually had high hopes because the Scorpina character looked really cool. She wasn’t a rubber-suited monster…she was actually kind of a smokin’ hot chick in a crazy outfit. Plus, her name is “Scorpina!” So is she going to have a big tail that suddenly whips out and nails people? Does she have some sort of paralyzing sting? Well if she does we don’t see it here!


While we have some good moments in this episode, this one definitely feels like the producers were trying to stretch things out a bit so they could make this all a big five-part, week-long story. Hopefully we’ll do a bit better next time in Green with Evil part IV.


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