Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Food Fight
Original Airdate: September 4, 1993

If you’re a fan of cooking shows or the Food Network, today’s episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers may be for you. It all centers around food and Rita’s latest monster who threatens to eat its way through the entire world’s food supply in mere hours. Brace yourselves for today’s episode…Food Fight.

Our story begins at the youth center where everybody is getting ready for the Cultural Food Festival. They’re going to be serving a bunch of unique international dishes and raising money for playground equipment at a local preschool in the process. Thing is, Bulk and Skull have some plans of their own. With a few other troublemakers they launch a food fight which completely destroys the festival and infuriates the school principal, Mr. Kaplan.


Meanwhile, Rita is watching all this through her telescope. It inspires her to have Finster create a pig monster which will eat everything in sight. Once transported down to Earth, the pig starts going nuts, much to Zordon’s dismay. He calculates that the pig will eat all of Earth’s food in just 48 hours. So, our heroes morph and go off to do battle with the pig. Problem is, the beast quickly eats each of the team’s power weapons when they try to attack. The pig then shoots some sort of vortex out of his snout which sends the rangers spinning off.


Without the rangers in the way, the Pig heads for the youth center and eats every last bit of food from the festival. That is, except for all the stuff on the hot and spicy table. The rangers arrive just after the pig leaves, but the observant Trini notices he left the hot food. Billy then decides that they may be able to defeat the pig if they can trick him into eating the spicy foods. So, the team loads a sandwich with some hot radishes and tosses it to the pig. Of course he eats it which results in him vomiting (yes, vomiting) up the rangers’ weapons which they then bring together to blast the porker.


The pig is probably the most bizarrely grotesque monster we’ve seen on the show yet. The design of the creature is truly weird. It’s basically just a giant pig head on legs. There’s no body. He does have two cloven arms which are coming out his mouth. I assume that’s to make it easier to shovel food right in. Oh, and for no clear reason, he’s wearing a roman centurions helmet, kinda like what Marvin the Martian wears. Beyond his appearance, his behavior is slightly twisted as well. When he first arrives on Earth he immediately grabs a garbage can and starts emptying its contents into his mouth. This eventually deteriorates into what looks like the pig having somewhat inappropriate relations with the garbage can.


One thing I really appreciated about this episode is that it does break the mold of many other episodes. Usually it’s pretty much a given that the rangers will summon their zords and bring them together to form the tank or the Mega Zord. Here, they never use their Zords. They aren’t really needed this time since Rita doesn’t throw her wand causing the monster to get big in this episode. The pig stays normal size the whole time…as if there was anything normal about a body-less pig monster with a helmet. It’s also interesting that this episode doesn’t seem to rely on the Japanese footage as much as other episodes do. Much of the monster action usually originates from the Japanese series, but several moments with the pig were clearly shot by the American production team. He even has a head to head showdown moment with Bulk and Skull at the youth center.


I did enjoy the food fight sequence at the beginning of the episode. It’s interesting to note that Bulk and Skull actually have some other friends helping them out this time. There’s an African-American guy with long hair and shades and a slightly-goth blonde chick with black lipstick. Another change this time is that after the creative names given to the rangers’ various weapons in the last episode, they’ve reverted back to just calling them Power This…Power That…in this episode. Speaking of weapons, I should mention that during the food fight there is a moment where Jason grabs a string of hot dogs and starts using them like nunchucks.


I would bet, though, that even with all craziness the pig monster provides many 90’s boys may remember this episode most fondly for Kimberly’s wardrobe. I’ve said before how many now thirty something guys rank the original pink ranger as one of their first crushes, well this episode probably sealed the deal for many. Who can blame them? In this episode she sports pigtails and appears to have raided Daisy Duke’s closet for that tied-off pink checkered top. All that aside, this episode is packed with the sort of nutty moments that makes this series so much enjoyable for me. It’s a lot of fun! Next time, though, Kimberly and Trini have something even more challenging than Rita’s monsters to deal with…a mischievous little girl in our next episode, Big Sisters.


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