SuperMansion S:01 E:11

Episode Title: The Inconceivable Escape of Dr. Devizo
Original Air Date: 12-3-15

Finally in episode 11 of 13 we have been introduced to the biggest villain the league will have to face in season one. Dr. Devizo, voiced by Chris Pine, appears to be safely locked up in the prison under the mansion, along with every other villain from this season, and has 24 hours to escape. On the one-year anniversary of his imprisonment, the super villain has escaped each prison to which he has ever been sent.

dr devizo

Trying to prevent the escape of Dr. Devizo has Rex demanding all hands on deck, with everyone being given a task that could help prevent a breakout. Half of the team is unhappy with the jobs they are assigned. Lex is told to do an inventory of everything in the mansion to make sure Devizo hasn’t gotten his hands on anything he could use as a tool. Saturn is initially happy with his job but becomes irate when he learns he was insulted by Devizo and demands to be more hands on with the villain. Rex denies Saturn’s request, because he wants to be the only one dealing with Devizo directly for two reasons: Rex knows he is the most powerful and feels he could stop Devizo. He also doesn’t want the rest of the team to learn that Devizo was once a member of the league. American Ranger refuses to take Rex’s order to stay and help. Instead, he heads out to use the hall pass Gloria gave him to sleep with another woman as payback for her affair with Rex. The three members that accept the tasks Rex has given them have the least to do in this episode. We see a scene or two of Cooch and Brad searching other inmates cells, just in case they are planning on helping Devizo. Jewbot has the least important task of just standing watch at the entrance to the prison level.

While the rest of the team is back at the mansion, we see Ranger struggling to adapt to dating for the first time in around 70 years. Apparently all of his cable watching and internet searching hasn’t prepared him for hipsters, girls with tattoos and women who are sexually adventurous and okay with one night stands.

Ranger date

Since it has been so long since he went to a bar to try and pick up a woman, Ranger may have subconsciously chosen a bar that makes him feel like he did back then. He decides that his first stop to meet someone will be at the bar called Adolf Churchill’s.

Saturn is originally tasked with patrolling the perimeter of the mansion and making sure no one gets in or out. His inability to get beyond the insult Devizo paid him leads Saturn to go undercover as a new villain named Mange. Mange is nearly an exact copy of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises, complete with mouth piece, a fuzzy coat and an interesting voice.


Saturn ends up sharing a cell with his greatest “frenemy”, the Groaner, who shows him the ropes of living in the league’s prison.

This episode is appropriately titled because Dr. Devizo’s plan is truly inconceivable. Usually when you watch a prison escape or heist movie every detail is planned for, but they need one thing to break their way through, or the plan won’t work. Dr. Devizo’s plan has a strong foundation of taking out one of the heroes, but everything after that is based on luck and coincidence. Even though we are told the Devizo was a member of the league in this episode, we get a hint to that fact in the opening scene. We learn that Devizo likes to drink Subtopian scotch, which is something he could only get from Rex. Rex (the only Subtopian to ever make it to the surface) must have brought it with him in his pod when he drilled to the surface. Not only does Rex provide Devizo with his drink of choice, it is also Rex’s actions that created the super villain. Devizo vowed to one day destroy Rex and the league because Rex had an affair with his wife. It seems that Rex can’t help but take part in extramarital affairs with his friends’ wives. This affair is much less excusable because Devizo was around, unlike Ranger, where Rex and Gloria didn’t know if they would ever see him again.

Will Dr. Devizo keep his streak alive and escape from the mansion? Will Ranger get to use his hall pass? Will Saturn be stuck in prison? And will Cooch ever get to go to Red Lobster? Find out on the latest episode of SuperMansion on an internet connected device near you.


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