iZombie S:02 E:03

Episode Title: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
Original Airdate: 10-20-15

Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a materialistic socialite. Though she was able to take her killer over the balcony with her, he was just a hired hitman, and they want to find who paid his check. They shuffle through the pile of suspects including an angry husband, hateful besties, and the owner of Max Rager himself, Mr. Van du Clark, the victim’s lover.

While Liv obsesses over shoes and purses, Peyton blows back into town, her supposed “sabbatical” over, to help the DA crack down on Utopium distribution. All of this gives Liv odd mixed feelings, and she looks for solace in a new bestie, a personal stylist. She also catches Major at Max Rager, though his cover story is that he’s now Van’s personal trainer, and not a zombie hitman. Speaking of Major, he and Gilda (who happens to be Van’s illegitimate daughter) get it on in the MR gym, only after he snorts some Utopium, because addict. And lastly, sadly, no Blaine this week.

This episode was just fine for me. The case was a good one, with plenty of intrigue. The hitman was a nice touch, and the victim tied things back to Max Rager. I appreciate the twist of Van having a full on zombie in his basement, despite trying to eradicate them from the city. Even Liv went in “full on zombie mode” while taking down the killer, which we don’t see that much of. I’m not complaining; I’m glad they only break full zombie Liv out once in awhile. And after the last two weeks of weepy confessions, it was a nice change to see a killer with an IDGAF attitude.

iZombie 2-3

Unfortunately, I think it’s time to accept that Liv’s behavior is just going to be OTT with the brains-of-the-week, which is a damn shame. I’m afraid that this decision will only perpetuate stereotypes and caricatures of whatever crazy victims the writers think up. Worse yet, I don’t want the character of Liv to be lost at the expense of humor. I’m really missing the subtlety of her meals from last season, when Liv was still herself, but suddenly she had the impulse to steal, paint, or ride her bike. Now I feel like she’s putting on a different mask every week. I just feel like I’m being beaten over the head with the same gag at this point (and next week’s country girl brains ain’t promisin’).

But I will soldier on and keep watching, because there is still plenty more to love about the show. However they better keep the episodes without Blaine to a minimum; that’s a deal breaker.


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