31 Days of Tales From the Crypt: Sign-ups

Hello boils and ghouls! It’s time once again for another blogathon here at Channel: Superhero. And even though October is right in the middle of the new fall season, it’s still a perfect excuse to share some love of horror, and what better combination of horror, comics, and television than Tales From the Crypt? It ran on HBO for seven seasons, it was hosted by one of the most iconic horror characters, and it had a whole host of famous and pre-famous actors, writers, and directors taking a shot at a single episode. What I’d like to do here at Channel: Superhero is to take an in depth look at a different episode every single day and I need your help!

The Rules

The rules are simple, I’m looking for 31 different writers to tackle a different episode from the series every day in October, or technically 29 plus me. You can tackle it however you would like, we will post it here on Channel: Superhero, but feel free to post it on your own site as well, as long as you include a link back to this site. Also, since nearly every episode has some sort of twist at the end, it would be wrong to not discuss it in some way and how well it worked compared to some of the other episodes. So yes, full spoilers for the episode. Also, no episodes will be repeated, and the movies are off limits. Also, if you want to do an episode of the cartoon spin-off Tales From the Cryptkeeper, that works for me too.

Send the post to me at Bubbawheat@msn.com along with any screenshots, and if you are posting on your site as well, schedule it for the same day, or you can reblog it if you’re on WordPress. I have a couple images below to use to help promote this event and may have some more in the weeks ahead.

Here’s a list of episodes via Wikipedia to help choose the one you want to cover. Also, most if not all of the episodes are available on YouTube in high quality if you don’t have access to the DVDs.

Recommended Episodes

Here’s a list of available episodes that I would recommend if you’re new to the show, or don’t remember it very well.

S:01 E:03 – Dig That Cat, He’s Real Gone (Joey Pants!)
S:03 E:07 – The Reluctant Vampire (silly)
S:03 E:08 – Easel Kill Ya (dark)
S:04 E:07 – The New Arrival (creepy)

The Sign-Ups

31 Days of Tales From the Crypt white

Week 1

Thur, Oct 1: Bubbawheat – S:05 E:02 As Ye Sow
Fri, Oct 2: David Babbitt (24 Panels Per Second) S:03 E:02 Carrion Death
Sat, Oct 3: David Brook (Blueprint: Review) S:02 E:14 – Lower Berth
Sun, Oct 4: The IPC (The IPC) S:01 E:05 Lover Come Hack to Me
Mon, Oct 5: Spikor (Fat Guy With Glasses) S:01 E:01 The Man Who Was Death
Tues, Oct 6: Todd Liebenow (Forgotten Films) S:04 E:12 Strung Along
Wed, Oct 7: Andrew Wickliffe (The Stop Button) S:04 E:06 – What’s Cookin’
Thur, Oct 8: Daniel Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) S:07 E:13 The Third Pig
Fri, Oct 9: Table 9 Mutant (Cinema Parrot Disco) S:05 E:03 Forever Ambergris
Sat, Oct 10: Wendell (Dell on Movies) S:02 E:12 Fitting Punishment

click for larger size
click for larger size

Week 2

Sun, Oct 11: M. Brown (Two Dollar Cinema) S:02 E:08 – For Cryin’ Out Loud
Mon, Oct 12:Austin Shinn (A Flickering Life) S:06 E:15 You, Murderer
Tues, Oct 13:
Wed, Oct 14:Elwood Jones (From the Depths of DVD Hell) S:06 E:06 The Pit
Thur, Oct 15:
Fri, Oct 16: Nick Rehak (French Toast Sunday) S:02 E:10 The Ventriloquist’s Dummy
Sat, Oct 17:

Week 3

Sun, Oct 18: Tony (Coogs Film Blog) S:03 E:14 Yellow
Mon, Oct 19: Nick Spacek (Rockstar Journalist) S:02 E:17 My Brother’s Keeper
Tues, Oct 20: Branden (Cinefessions) S:02 E:16 Television Terror
Wed, Oct 21:
Thur, Oct 22: Bernardo Villela (The Movie Rat) S:06 E:03 Whirlpool
Fri, Oct 23: Matt Stewart (Simplistic Reviews) S:05 E:07 House of Horror
Sat, Oct 24: Nick Hamden (Gorgon Reviews) S:04 E:02 This’ll Kill Ya

Week 4

Sun, Oct 25: Vern (Vern’s Video Vortex) S:01 E:02 And All Through the House
Mon, Oct 26: Jason Soto (Your Face!) S:02 E:03 – Cutting Cards
Tues, Oct 27:Kristen (Journeys in Classic Film) S:03 E:09 – Undertaking Palor
Wed, Oct 28: Bubbawheat, Elwood, Lackey (TV Good, Sleep Bad) Cryptkeeper S:01 E:01 While The Cat’s Away & S:06 E:13 Comes the Dawn
Thur, Oct 29: The Marckoguy (TheMarckoguy) S:02 E:07 The Sacrifice
Fri, Oct 30: Jay Cluitt (Life vs. Film) S:05 E:01 Death of Some Salesman
Sat, Oct 31: Bubbawheat – Episode TBD

31 Days of Tales From the Crypt


29 thoughts on “31 Days of Tales From the Crypt: Sign-ups

  1. Sounds like fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Could I do Forever Ambergris? If taken, Easel Kill Ya would be my second choice. Do I pick the day too?? I’d be happy with Friday (the 9th). If not, whatever day you choose. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. So I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I just now finally added Channel Superhero to my rss reader. But better late than never, right!

    I wish I could take part in this Crypt-a-thon but I’m slammed at the moment. I am REALLY looking forward to reading the posts though. I was a huge fan of the show when I was a kid but I haven’t seen an episode in like 10 years so it should be interesting!


    1. Glad to hear you’re checking us out. Now’s a great time since the new Fall season is starting soon. Sorry to hear you’re not able to join in, do you think someone else from the FTS crew would be interested alongside Jay & Nick?


  3. Haven’t watched any of these in years. There’s one episode that always stood out to me. Let me make sure I can find it before committing to it. If not, I’ll find another. Great idea!


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