Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Season 3 Recap

Well true believers, we’ve made it all the way through all three seasons (24 episodes) of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Before we officially say goodbye the web head and his hot and cold friends, we’re going to have a final recap of Season 3. This season had it’s ups and downs to say the least.

spidey x 3
I think my favorite episode of Season 3 was episode 7, The X-Men Adventure. It was great to see a large cast of mutants joining in with the Spider Friends, and we also got some really bizarre environments as they all ventured into the psychedelic Maze of Madness. As I’ve said before, I think this series was often at its best when other members of the Marvel Universe played significant roles in the episodes. That was certainly the case with The X-Men Adventure.

Spidey 3-6-2
Having said that, though, I think Season 3 may have been the weakest season when it comes to including the rest of the Marvel Universe. Case in point: two major Marvel heroes, Iron Man and Daredevil, show up this season, but as their alter egos, Tony Stark and Matt Murdock. We didn’t really get to see them do their thing in hero form, and that was a bit of a wasted opportunity. Things didn’t fare much better on the villains side, either. When Doctor Octopus, one of the all time great Spidey villains, finally showed up in Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow, he ended up taking a back seat to a gooey intergalactic love story for Peter Parker.

Spidey 3-4-2
There was still plenty to enjoy this season, though. Neil Ross’ voice work as The Scorpion was a real highlight. I also really dug getting to see Dracula, Frankenstein, and a werewolf take on the Spider Friends in the second episode of the season.

Spidey 3-4-1
Revisiting this series, which I hadn’t seen in over 25 years, was a lot of fun. For every episode that really impressed me with it’s style and storytelling, there were just as many that were a bit silly. I just let nostalgia wash over me for those. Through all the ups and downs I pleased to see that the series holds up and is well deserving of being one of my childhood favorites.

Now then, you may be wondering what happens next! There’s no way they’re going to let me just fade off into the sunset. Starting next week we begin a new series. Another favorite from my childhood, though this time it’s a live action show. It’s what I believe to be one of the best TV series of the 1960’s. Get ready for the 1966 classic… Adam West…Burt Ward…na na na na na na na na…Batman! (in color).

So join us here next week…same Bat-time, same Bat-channel (superhero).

Batman in Color


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