Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:03 E:08

Episode Title: Mission: Save the Guardstar

Well, you know what they say about all good things. That time has come for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. We’ve reached the 24th and final episode. Like many other episodes of the show, this one introduces us to elements of the larger Marvel universe. Prepare to meet an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Mission: Save the Guardstar.

Spidey Final 1
As our episode begins, Peter, Bobby, and Anjelica are enjoying a fireworks show when they notice some strange lights coming from an electronics factory. It seems that a mutant known as Lightwave is stealing parts from the factory. Spidey and Firestar try to stop her, but Iceman doesn’t exactly jump into the fray. It turns out that Lightwave is really Aurora…Bobby’s half-sister. As Bobby tries to figure out what to do, Spidey and Firestar are located by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Buzz Mason. They are taken to the Helicarrier and recruited to stop Lightwave from stealing a device known as The Guardstar. If she gets it she can take over the world.

Spidey Final 2
While Spidey and Firestar are on the job for S.H.I.E.L.D., Iceman tries to reason with his sister. Turns out she is being influenced by some sort of mysterious figure using mind control. Eventually, Iceman falls under the control, too…or so he leads her to believe. As the heroes get to the bottom of things, they learn that, SPOILER ALERT, Buzz Mason is actually the evil brains of the operation. He plans to use Guardstar to control all of Earth’s defenses.

Once again, it’s nice to see more elements of the Marvel universe incorporated into this series. It was about time that S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up. However, having never seen or heard of the organization until now lessens the impact a bit when it turns out that Mason is the bad guy. Had we seen S.H.I.E.L.D. actually do good in previous episodes, it might have meant more to us to see a traitor in their midst in this story.

It’s also a bit awkward that this is the first we’ve seen or heard of Iceman having a sister. It’s not like I feel the need to know every characters’ family tree…but remember, back in season two we had origin episodes for all three of the heroes. There was no mention of a half-sister when we got Iceman’s origin story.

Spidey Final 3
Even with these problems, this is still a relatively solid episode. It actually struck me that the Guardstar is basically like Skynet from The Terminator series. That’s the second time an episode of this show has foreshadowed The Terminator (still a year away from release) in this season. The episode does have one really goofy moment, however. As we reach the climax, Mason escapes with Lightwave in a rocket ship. The Spider Friends grab hold of the outside of the rocket and hang on as it zooms off into space. Spidey uses some webbing to help hold the other two on…but there would be a little problem with lack of oxygen, wouldn’t there? Iceman creates an ice dome around them, but come on…really!? Without any spacesuits I fear that all three of our heroes would have their tongues swell up and eyes bulge out like Ronny Cox in Total Recall. Now THAT would’ve been a way to end the series!

Knowing that this is the final episode, I would’ve preferred a more spectacular ending. Instead we get we get some gooey brother and sister reunited mush between Bobby and Aurora. It’s a bit too sappy for my liking. Ultimately, this isn’t a bad episode…it just isn’t the big finish the series deserved.

Next time we’ll do some final thoughts on Season 3 as a whole and announce what series we’ll be looking at next!


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