The Walking Dead S:02 E:04

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: Cherokee Rose
Original Airdate: 11-6-11

Hershel allows the Group to set up camp at his farm, so they have a central location from which to search for Sophia and to allow Carl to heal, at the cost of surrendering their guns, much to Andrea’s chagrin. With Rick weak from blood donation and Shane nursing a bad ankle, Daryl decides to search on his own and comes across an abandoned house that looks as though Sophia took refuge in, but does not find the girl. Glenn accompanies Maggie into town to gather supplies at the local pharmacy, and to pick up a extra special item for Lori. The two make a connection and end up having sex in the abandoned store. Rick tries to convince Hershel to let the Group stay permanently, to which Hershel agrees if they can abide by his sometimes peculiar rules. Glenn gives Lori her special item: a pregnancy test, which she promptly uses and learns she is indeed pregnant.

After the suspense of the season’s first three episodes, it was time to bring things down…way down. The episode has a few memorable moments, but overall it’s more of a filler (with more fuel to despise Andrea). Daryl continues to grow as a character instead of the caricature he was in the first season. His determination to find Sophia is quite shocking, as he had no real connection to her or Carol before her disappearance. And then he goes a step further by bringing Carol the titular Cherokee Rose for comfort. It’s far from where I expected his character to end up, and it’s exciting to know that he has even more changes ahead.

TWD 2-4

Meanwhile, Maggie and Glenn’s relationship begins with a bang. It begins very casually, as in “Hey we’re both lonely in this post-apocalyptic world, so why not get it on?” Her options are incredibly limited at the farm, as the only surviving men are her dad and her sister’s teenage boyfriend. So she’s see an opportunity and takes it. Good for Maggie. It’s also nice to go back and see the beginning of what will become a beautiful partnership between the two.

The Well Walker was a most memorable one. It’s probably the first time I was genuinely disgusted by the show. The creature’s bloated, slimy form was bad enough, but when he ripped in two and his lower half went splashing back into the farm’s well, while his upper half was flailing around on land, I’m just glad I hadn’t eaten anything in awhile. And it doesn’t get better upon rewatch.

Lastly, we have the final moments of the show as Lori gets some pretty terrifying news. Being pregnant is scary enough, but in this new environment, it’s just downright cruel. Even worse is not being able to know for sure who the father is. It will test her and her relationship with everyone in the best and worst possible ways, becoming a much needed arc for a relatively one-note character.


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