iZombie S:01 E:10

Episode Title: Mr. Berserk
Original Airdate: 5-19-15

Last week had a bit of a shocker ending and this week has to clean up afterwards with Liv jumping for the brain of a raging alcoholic to dull the pain of her loss. Besides that angle, there’s some major headway into the company behind the energy drink Max Rager as we miraculously meet the head of the company played by Steven Weber. This brings about my favorite pun I saw on Twitter: Max Rager gives you Wings, and I hope more people than just me get that joke or else I will feel incredibly old. We also have Liv and Ravi battling with the decision to clue Major into the fact that zombies are running rampant throughout the city or else he will check himself into a psych ward. Lots of great writing going on this week as it helps that the brain of the week is directly tied into the ongoing story line.

Speaking of the brain of the week, it’s a journalist who has been investigating Max Rager itself as everything is starting to come together to reveal the secret behind this rampant zombie-ism. It’s been dripped out in several doses that Max Rager has been known to cause psychotic breaks in a very small percentage of cases. And when combined with the drug Utopium in the right mixture is able to create the zombies. At this point, the show has told us that Max Rager knows about these psychotic breaks and is actively covering it up. So much so that they are not above killing the whistleblowers such as the sky diver in episode 5’s Flight of the Living Dead and this week’s journalist. We also get to get an up close and personal look at one of their enforcers who gets to go mega creepy with Liv in a boat out in the middle of nowhere. There’s also the hint of how contagious this zombie-ism actually is as it only takes a small amount of blood to create a brand new zombie, even if he gets sliced up pretty bad by a boat’s propeller blades.

izombie group

The real heart of the episode is surrounding Liv’s loss and how she deals with it, which is to avoid it at all costs. It’s literally sitting there staring her in the face at the morgue in the form of both Lowell’s body in one of the drawers as well as the release papers that Ravi needs to sign to say that the death was a suicide rather than a murder. Quick side note, they do realize that Blaine has his hands in the police department, they just don’t know exactly where he has those hands just yet. But besides trying to drink her sorrows away, she also starts to fall back into old habits when she calls Major to come pick her up from the bar, asks him to rub her back like he used to, and expects him to still be at her place in the morning. But even though she still cares for Major, she’s not ready to take the step of revealing that he is on the trail of a zombie apocalypse and would rather see him in a psych ward where he will be safe instead of telling him the truth and risk him getting himself killed. And the show ends up throwing that all out the window when he’s handed the zombie theory in the last place one would expect, in a group session at the psych ward. It will have to wait until next week to see whether or not he buys that theory or not, but I’m guessing he does. Now there’s just the question of how these plot lines all come together at the end. The Max Rager with their killer enforcers trying to bury a secret, Blaine and his increasingly unsustainable zombie creating & feeding business, the bought off police captain, the zombie rat, and the ex-fiance. I have no idea how it will all come together, but I imagine the results will be explosive, quite possibly literally.


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