The Six Million Dollar Man S1:11

Episode: Burning Bright
Original Airdate: 04/12/1974

Happy Sunday! EI and Scoot from  Damian Thomas Films Etc . are back and ready to control your brain using nothing but our heightened mental abilities! How did we gain these powers, you ask? It was simple, NASA shot us into space and during a routing spacewalk we absorbed the power of the sun and now we’re burning bright like a light bulb! or are we? Let’s see…


EI: Well, Scoot, it looks like Season One is almost over. How do you feel about this?

SCOOT: I feel an overwhelming sense of horny French guilt. Ooh look, it’s my favourite singer, Billy Shatner!

EI: This episode was pretty weak. You gotta love The Shat’s hair….


SCOOT: I want to smell it, then touch it, then smell my hand.

EI: Talking to dolphins?? Launching dolphins into space?? Andy??? WTF episode 11…

SCOOT: The Shatner’s buzzing his baps off in this episode, I think I need to be as well if I’m to be in any way convinced that that was a real spacewalk. Will Shatty pull a green chick…?

EI:  You also gotta love those jumpsuits, baby!


SCOOT: Enter my dojo you blatent poppy dodger, here’s three things I noticed!

1. They used the same pole vault footage in this episode as the now infamous pole vault episode.
2. If I was a trucker, I wouldn’t stop at a bar called “The Blue Velvet”. People might get the wrong idea.
3. You can tell a lot from the size of a man’s collars. Steve, you’re a good’un.

EI: Burn bright, Muster Scoot!! Burn Bright!!

SCOOT: My Texas jazz calender is made out of space piss, no more  abuse tent for Bunty.

EI: That’s all for today! Except for this:




8 thoughts on “The Six Million Dollar Man S1:11

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! This show is just great!!!!!

      Got another suggestion for this Sunday’s piece?? I’m not so good at finding beefcake.

      Love Eric!!!


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      1. Did you see the deleted scenes one? I’ve got some smooth moves going on there too : ) It sucks – the guy who worked the camera for me moved out of the building……


        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know – I don’t really have any friends left in the building…. CRY CRY CRY


        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know!!! IT SUCKS!!!! But that gives me more time for YOU!!!!!!



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