Webseries: Bad Days S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Green Lantern
Original Airdate: 10-22-12

Welcome to another Webseries Spotlight where you don’t just have to read about the shows we cover here, but you can actually watch them. This time around I’m featuring an animated webseries from Klomp Animation based out of the Netherlands about superheroes having a bad day, appropriately called Bad Days. We will be sharing an episode, a part of our conversation with lead animator and co-founder Junaid Chundrigar, and/or some behind the scenes pictures each week every Thursday. But if you can’t wait, feel free to check out the rest of the webseries at Stan Lee’s World of Heroes and CineFix. This week the bearer of a certain ring does not have a very good day. Well, technically he has a great day, but everyone else around him does not.

Channel Superhero: You’ve had a pretty good track record predicting who’s going to show up next in the Marvel Universe, from Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver in your X-Men, and Ant Man in the Avengers, when do you think they’re going to do a Namor film?

Junaid Chundrigar: The “Days of Future Past” episode was one where we were sitting in the cinema saying to ourselves “Wow, we got almost the entire thing right!”. And our mouths fell open watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” when we realized that we spoiled a plot point and one insane cameo (pure coincidence!). About Namor, I believe those rights are with Universal or something? I have no idea to be honest. Maybe if DC/WB does Aquaman right?

From the Guardians of the Galaxy - posted a month before Guardians was released.
From the Guardians of the Galaxy – posted a month before Guardians was released.


If you have a question for Bad Days, leave it in the comments and your question may be answered in a future installment!


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