The Six Million Dollar Man S1:05

Episode: Little Orphan Airplane
Original Airdate: 02/22/1974

Happy Sunday! Here we are again and I don’t have any national holidays to screw up so let’s just unbuckle our belts, let our guts hang out and see what Scoot from  Damian Thomas Films Etc . and I have to say about this episode. Damn skippy! Look! I even made a title card!! HUZZAH! HERE’S TO A FAST DOLLAR!!


SCOOT: Happy new year!!! That’s a bloody snazzy title card you’ve made there, it looks authentically 70’s! So the start of this episode shows the black guy from Mission: Impossible (you know the guy that usually spends most of an episode in an air vent or something doing all the dirty work as Peter Graves and the sexy blonde lady have drinks and generally be a lot smarter than some terrorists) crashing a plane. I like him, but I miss The Saxonator.

EI: This episode was a lot of fun, but it could have used a little more Saxon! In fact, there was no Saxon in this at all but Austin did dismantle an airplane engine in a few seconds using his bionic hand. “How’d you do that mister?” says the pilot.  “You don’t have the proper clearance.” Austin replies. “Just tell me, jive turkey.” the pilot demands. “OK, I crashed a plane and when they put me back together they used different parts.” Austin explains. “Do they make those parts in black?” The pilot really does ask. 

SCOOT: Yep, that’s a truly wonderful scene (sped up wheelbarrow dash)
Here’s three things I took from this episode.
1. Steve has really clocked up the air miles since going all bionic.
2. What I thought was kinky penguin cosplay turned out to be a couple of nuns.
3. Steve Austin doing plane impressions is possibly the greatest Six Million Dollar Man moment so far… outside of John Saxon of course.

EI: I wonder if we should address the plot? or just keep talking about things no one knows anything about?

SCOOT: Oh yeah the plot! Um… espionage?

EI: I like how this pulled up when I googled the title of this episode. Is that Sandra Bullock?? I hope the boss doesn’t think this is too racy….


SCOOT: It’s like a sexy Rocky IV! I always want the Russians to win in these types of films, us Europeans have to stick together! I wonder if there’s a robot slave servant in that film which Burt Young can hack.
P.S It’s actually a scene from 1989’s Bionic Showdown, this is still to come!!!
P.P.S I just got the “racy” pun.

EI: This has to go down as one of the best “I’m throwing rocks in the air and they sound like mortar fire” episodes ever produced! Will Steve and his pals be able to escape the approaching African army cabal??? Will those nuns get to meet Dale Robertson???? Will Steve show up to work wearing a turtleneck????????? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT BEFORE YOUR HEART EXPLODES!!!!

SCOOT: Keep on moonlight canoeing, kids!




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