The Walking Dead S:05 E:13

The Walking Dead

Episode Title: Forget
Original Airdate: 3-8-15

Just when I thought we’d be taken down the dark alleys of Alexandria, instead we glimpsed the true darkness of our beloved group. As everyone tries to acclimate to life in their newest settlement, Rick, Daryl and Carol decide to get their guns back, “just in case,” and a party thrown by the town leader is the perfect distraction to do so. Deanna outlines her plans (hopes, more like) for Alexandria to Rick, Michonne and Maggie, which include government and industrialization someday. Daryl goes hunting with Aaron, and as the two get to know each other better, Daryl actually decides to try to make a life in the new town. At the party, Rick decides to get a little too friendly with the married Jessie, after, you know, two days in Alexandria, while Carol becomes every kid’s, and parent’s, worst nightmare.

Everything worked for me in this episode, except for Rick. I know there are only three episodes left in the season, but he is acting completely ridiculous and out of character, unless there’s some underlying plan that we don’t know about, but I doubt it. Being that forward with a strange woman at a party where her husband and sons are in a town that small is just stupid. And then to thoughtfully reach for his hidden gun when he sees her strolling with her husband the next day, like he could possibly just get rid of the guy and take her (my interpretation anyway) is beyond infuriating for a character that has been so guarded up to this point. It would be downright laughable, if I weren’t so angry thinking the writers are ruining him. I’m pretty sure this bad behavior will lead his taking over Alexandria, as foreshadowed in pieces last week, but going against his nature over this one woman is a poor way to bring such a change.

I thought Daryl would be the ultimate resister of the quiet life, which would cause serious issues later, but his bonding with Aaron and agreeing to become the new recruiter makes sense and gives him more depth than a “No, I won’t” attitude. Meanwhile, Sasha expresses what most are thinking about how the town is just some silly fantasy, which rightfully fuels her resistance. And Sasha at the party equals me at any social function, so I could understand her outburst.


And lastly there is Carol. What a moment of pure horror as she, a mother, sweetly threatened a boy of about ten with such terrors as being kidnapped and left outside the walls to be eaten by Walkers if he dare tell anyone she was stealing guns. We all know she is capable of doing anything to protect the group, so the cold evil she unleashed on an unsuspecting child, who just wanted cookies, wasn’t the worst she’s done, unlike murder, but it still sent shivers down my spine. And Carol stealing the extra ration of chocolate is me around any chocolate.

Looking forward to next week when we can actually see the other group members be more than just set decoration for a change.


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