The Walking Dead S:05 E:12

The Walking Dead

Episode Title: Remember
Original Airdate: 3-1-15

This week’s episode finally starts pushing the story forward a little bit, as things have almost been at a standstill since the mid-season premiere. The group has arrived at Alexandria, a planned, heavily gated community run by a former Congresswoman that seems to have all the luxuries, including running water and electricity. Most of the residents haven’t been on the outside since the apocalypse began and have no clue what real survival is. After one-on-one interviews with Deanna, the leader, the group is GIVEN two large houses that they can spread out in, and jobs within the community. However, everyone is very cautious and continues to remain together for the time being. And even after showers and a set of clean clothes, they find it very difficult to “take it easy.”

I like this new angle. Unlike with Woodbury and Terminus, there seems to be nothing sinister about Alexandria (yet!), but no one can relax because they’ve seen too much and been on the outside for too long. Rick gets jumpy when offered a haircut. Carl goes blank while just hanging out with other teen boys. And Daryl plain refuses to adhere to any of it so far, including taking a shower. Normal is hard.


Of course it’s not just that they’re finding it hard to be normal because they’re not use to it, but as Carl and Carol both mention, the people of Alexandria don’t know what it’s like being on the outside and that makes them weak, which scares the group. Putting their lives in the hands of people who have no clue has to be terrifying. And on top of that they may become weak too if they get use to such a comfy lifestyle, and they’re too smart and experienced to know that nothing this good can last. Though Rick’s final lines about taking Alexandria away if the original inhabitants can’t make it work was downright chilling coming from the once peaceful man.

I think things are starting to shape up nicely for the remainder of the season. Though not much seems to be happening on screen as they, and the audience, get a feel for Alexandria, there is a palpable tension that can’t be ignored. Things must fall apart, or it would get boring, so it’s just a matter of guessing what will be to blame for Alexandria’s demise.


5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S:05 E:12

  1. I am intrigued by this development, but there were also some ominous signs in the episode that the rest of the season could devolve into soap opera nonsense. The introduction of a potential love interest for Rick was done in the most ridiculous and heavy-handed way, something more suited to Desperate Housewives. sure, Rick, you’re mistrustful, but why not answer the door shirtless to the pretty blond. And oh, hey, she’s married, but doesn’t mention her husband, who we see in the shadows on his porch, obviously set up to be a jealous asshole, someone that Rick – now Constable Rick – will probably have to punch out at some point. Likewise, the ROTC asshole will probably get someone killed. I still hold out hope for a decent season, though, if only because such a blissful suburban setting can only spell trouble


    1. Yea, the cute blonde thing was so forced. I was taken aback at how willingly he let her have carte blanche of his head with sharp things. He JUST met her!

      I’m also a little baffled at the whole ‘I’m recording this for transparency’ thing by Deanna, other than doing a different narrative format on the show that they rarely get to do. Do they sit around the community Chapel and project interviews of people on Monday’s Movie Nights for the all of 14 people there seems to be in this ‘community’?

      I’m so concerned!

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  2. I was a little surprised how quickly Rick took to the life. Shower, shave, haircut within minutes. That was a little eery to me, letting some random woman near him with sharp object so soon ager coming into Alexandria.

    I’m also creeped out at the lack of people. There is a considerable LACK of extras in the background in all of Alexandria. (except for the showdown in the end between Glen & Deanna’s son)

    LOVED how Carol is ‘keeping up appearances’ playing the part of the Stepford Wife, while Darryl is just rebelling against it all, skinning a dead animal on the pristine porch. Personally, I’ve noticed this theme of them as a group being as worse as the people they’ve encountered. Glen mentions it on his way to check out Aaron’s story. And Michonne realizing they need more, etc. So I think Alexandria is gonna show us a contrast between actual innocent and ‘good people’ untouched by the world, (how Rick & friends were maybe 3 seasons ago on Hershel’s farm) and how Rick & everyone have transformed into the very same people that they’ve had to fight against, as hinted by Rick’s willingness to take this community away from these innocent people.


  3. Undoubtedly the set up is aggravating. The blonde is as subtle as an anvil, and it’s quite unsurprising, cliche in fact, that the leader’s son is a total dick. But for all that, I don’t think anything is straight sinister, like keeping walkers’ heads in fish tanks or eating newcomers.

    I haven’t read this far ahead in the comics, but I know they spend quite awhile (several issues) in Alexandria. Methods of survival will likely clash and Rick will (forcefully) take over by the end of this season, maybe, with Alexandria being deserted by next season’s winter finale (just guessing).

    I agree with Shah that, given Rick’s ominous dialogue in this episode, it will be our group that now refuses to live peacefully behind the gates.


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