The Six Million Dollar Man S1:02

Episode: Survival of the Fittest
Original Airdate: 01/25/1974

Happy Sunday! Here we go with Season One, Episode 2 of The Six Million Dollar Man! Typically these things have revolved around terrorists kidnapping someone or dealing with those pesky Russians so let’s see what we have here before us.


Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman are motoring down a mountain road in what I suspect is Southern California! The driver’s side tire blows out! Steve uses his bionic arm to lift the thing three feet off the ground so Oscar can put on the spare! WEE HEEEEEEEEE! Soon they’re on a military airplane bound for some sot of negotiations with the Russians! Two military brass whisper that they’re going to MURDER Oscar!!! “No matter what, Goldman dies.” They conspire.

The plane is struck by lightning!! They’re going down in flames!!! Luckily, Steve is prepared and takes command!!!


They crash land on an island full of snakes! But that’s not the worst part – those two goons are going to kill Oscar!! Will he survive that gunshot wound?? Will he be bitten by that hissing serpent next to him??? Will that nurse stop being such a puss and just help someone already??? Excitement, intrigue and mystery are the main course for the day as Steve uses his bionic legs to run very fast and his bionic eyeball to see in the night! WHOOP!

Quote of the day:

Oscar Goldman: “I didn’t know I had all that… blood in me….”


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