Webseries Spotlight: We Might Be Superheroes S:01 E:01

Welcome back to another Webseries Spotlight where we share a superhero webseries along with a few behind the scenes questions with the creators. This time around I’m happy to be able to share We Might Be Superheroes, a great comedic series following a couple would-be superheroes who are new to the business and end up with the names Hope and Faith. We will be sharing the episodes starting from the very beginning where you can get some insight from creator Pat Bishow and lead actors Alex Covington and Rica de Ocampo, but if you can’t wait feel free to check out all the rest of the episodes over at their website.

What was the genesis of this webseries?

Pat Bishow:
Of course I’m a big fan of the Adam West Batman TV show. All my friends are comic geeks and we’d often talk about the real world vs. superheroes. I’m a DC guy while Jon Sanborne (executive story writer) is Marvel. Though we each like the other comics we’d often argue about what was good and bad with each. We’d have a clash of philosophies. I’m sure anyone that likes comics knows what I’m talking about.

I liked the idea of fantastic bright colored superheroes and how they would survive in the real world (The Tick comes to mind).

I really didn’t have time to embark on making a full length film. But I was surrounded by a bunch of new talent so I wanted to do something. Webseries were popular and I thought it would be the perfect venue for me. Also there seemed to be a lot of “people living in the big city” type of webseries. So that’s when I came up with the idea of WMBS.

The thought was to make their life in the city as real as possible. Thrift stores, dating, even TAXES! Let’s deal with the superheroes down time. Then when they turn into the heroes it turns in to the world of comics. We sort of pitch it as “The Odd Couple in Tights.”

We knew to make it work we were going to have to cast it right. The two actors that played the parts would have to have real chemistry. So when we held auditions we first chose people we thought could handle it, then we did a “round robin” where we had the actors read with each other. So in the call backs we were looking for how they read together.


Rica de Ocampo:
Our producer, Pat Bishow, has been making films for years. As I understand, he wanted to make a web series because the episodes are short and sweet and we could do a lot in a short amount of time. Pat loves 60’s Batman and strong female leads so he smashed the two together and created this super fun show!


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