The Six Million Dollar Man: Introduction

I would like to say that I started watching this when it first came out but, according to the internet, the series started in 1974 so I would have been three and I don’t I have memories that go back that far. So, I suppose I can say that I started watching these as a kid when the series was in full swing and hitting all of the right marks because we got The Bionic Woman and – if I recall – several spin off TV movies. I have fond memories of this show and this should be good fun to revisit.

For those of you who weren’t around 30 or 40 years ago, the series stars Lee Majors in his prime as a tough guy astronaut – a tough guy astronaut who wrecked his airplane and had his legs, one arm and an eyeball replaced with mechanical parts. Since the government paid the bills to get his body back together, they guilt him and send him off on missions where “armies just aren’t needed”.  I was looking at some images for these posts and I see an image where Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man) is standing there with Big Foot so I am not sure what kind of secret mission that is but, hey!

It looks like there’s five seasons of this so this should keep me busy for a while and hopefully entertained. It also looks like I have a bunch of moustaches, sideburns and bell bottoms to look forward to. Here’s to the SMDM and the 70s and Big Foot!! RAWR!



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