The Flash S:01 E:01

Episode: Pilot
Original Airdate: 10-7-14

Even though I haven’t been watching Arrow, this was the show that I’ve been most excited for this season. I’m a big fan of the Flash and everything I’ve heard about this show before now has been pretty positive. They want to take it in a more sci-fi direction, they have John Wesley Shipp as an homage to the 90’s short lived Flash series which I’m glad I caught up with a few months back, and they have Danielle Panabaker who I remember from when she was in Sky High. It has a lot more of what’s missing from the rest of the superhero TV shows this season: fun. Yes, there are some serious moments, but there is a lot more fun in this show than Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or even Arrow from what I gather. Those other shows do have their fun moments, and Flash has a serious side too, but this is the right way to do a superhero on TV right now. It’s the closest thing to a Marvel movie brought to the small screen, which is funny because it is a DC property.

The pilot is a great introduction and origin for Barry Allen’s Flash and I loved the callbacks to the old Flash series both by having John Wesley Shipp who played Barry Allen back then and the moment when he is struck by lightning almost exactly mirrors the way that it happened in the old series. And while I don’t have a large amount of knowledge from the Flash comics, I have seen the animated Flashpoint Paradox which appears to be an event that may come into play later in the season to wrap up the mystery surrounding Barry’s mother’s death which quite possibly is some conflict between the Flash and Professor Zoom. This is also helped by the end of this episode where we see a newspaper article from the future that talks about a crisis involving the Flash. I also really liked how they seemed to take one of the better ideas of Smallville where Kal-El’s ship came in a meteor storm which created all sorts of meteor freaks, giving him weekly enemies to fight. Here, there was a particle accelerator explosion which gave the Flash his powers and also created many other meta-humans throughout Central City.

The show has a lot of fun moments, from Barry’s early costume choice to his early moments understanding his powers. He also has a great little team at Star Labs which is a step up from just having Tina. I also liked the added weirdness touch where he has a crush on his pseudo-sister aka the daughter of the police officer who raised him after his father got put into prison. But there are also plenty of serious moments like the scene where he talks to his father at the prison. It’s also great to see that they don’t waste any time allowing his pseudo-father to find out his secret identity. If I were to find fault with anything in this show, I would have to call out the crossover moment where he runs 600 miles to go have a chat with Oliver Queen. It felt out of place and gimmicky and I hope that the crossover episodes later on this season are better integrated than this. But aside from that, the Flash knocked it out of the park.

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