iZombie Season:01

The last comic book show of the 2014-2015 season has finally ended and I’m just going to put it right up front that this was my favorite show, edging out the Flash by a very narrow margin. I hadn’t watched Veronica Mars before watching this so I wasn’t very familiar with Rob Thomas’s work outside of Matchbox 20 (yes I know, wrong Rob Thomas). I also had never even heard of the comic book and thought that the whole iNaming convention had been way overused. But after the pilot episode I was hooked, and throughout these thirteen episodes it drew me in further and further and it just has the right amount of depth, character development, and twists and turns without relying too heavily on its own gimmick.
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iZombie S:01 E:13

Episode Title: Blaine’s World
Original Airdate: 6-9-15

It seems like it’s only been a few weeks since iZombie started and it’s already time for the finale. There’s been plenty of buildup on several fronts and the payoff is a lot bloodier and more explosive than I would have ever expected. As far as my predictions go, I was very close to being right on one count, but wrong everywhere else. It took things in directions that I wouldn’t have ever seen coming, but they ultimately make a whole lot of sense for both the story and the characters themselves. And it sets itself up very nicely for an interesting season two.
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iZombie S:01 E:12

Episode Title: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
Original Airdate: 6-2-15

As the last show of the season gets ready for it’s season finale things get pretty crazy and so much is still going on I can’t imagine how it’s all going to wrap up in just one more episode! While there isn’t any new information on the Max Rager front, the show finally brings a thread back around from about four or five episodes ago. There’s another great zombie fight that we haven’t really gotten to see since the kung fu brains way back in episode four. I really doubt that everyone is going to make it out alive next episode, but we’ll just have to wait a week to find out.
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iZombie S:01 E:11

Episode Title: Astroburger
Original Airdate: 5-26-15

Things are really coming to a bit of a climax as characters are starting to converge with each other in more ways than one, and things are starting to get crazy in more ways than one as Liv gets a crazy brain in her this week. And even though I should have suspected which way things were going to go, I was still shocked at a couple turn of events at the end of this episode. There’s quite a bit of wish fulfillment combined with one of the worst possible things to happen topped with one of the best things that could happen. One of the best episodes so far in the season and I cannot wait for the last two episodes to see how this all plays out.
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iZombie S:01 E:10

Episode Title: Mr. Berserk
Original Airdate: 5-19-15

Last week had a bit of a shocker ending and this week has to clean up afterwards with Liv jumping for the brain of a raging alcoholic to dull the pain of her loss. Besides that angle, there’s some major headway into the company behind the energy drink Max Rager as we miraculously meet the head of the company played by Steven Weber. This brings about my favorite pun I saw on Twitter: Max Rager gives you Wings, and I hope more people than just me get that joke or else I will feel incredibly old. We also have Liv and Ravi battling with the decision to clue Major into the fact that zombies are running rampant throughout the city or else he will check himself into a psych ward. Lots of great writing going on this week as it helps that the brain of the week is directly tied into the ongoing story line.
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iZombie S:01 E:09

Episode Title: Patriot Brains
Original Airdate: 5-12-15

This week Liv gets a hold of some military grade brains and decides that it’s time to go after Blaine once and for all, Ravi chronicles the data of his time post-zombie-rat-bite, we get the guest appearance of a Veronica Mars alum, and somebody dies at the end! Overall a very important episode in terms of the ongoing storylines and the case of the week was actually also pretty interesting and kept me guessing throughout.
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iZombie S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Maternity Liv
Original Airdate: 4-28-15

One of the things that I like the best about this show is how it can allow itself to be subtle and move its overarching storyline along at a leisurely pace without making it seem like its dragging its heels. There are some great moments of world building in this episode, the only downside was that the humor for much of the primary story of the week felt a little flat with me, especially one of the personality traits of the brain. But that was a small downside to an otherwise great episode that continues to intrigue me with its ability to not only weave these characters and how they are interconnected with each other, but also how it doesn’t coddle the audience with reminders of what all of this means at every corner. There’s plenty of information there for those who have been watching the show from the beginning, and for those that haven’t they will seem to be just unimportant details that don’t really impact the main plot one way or the other.
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iZombie S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Virtual Reality Bites
Original Airdate: 4-21-15

When we last left Liv and co, she had discovered yet another friendly neighborhood zombie with a British accent and Major had been knocked around at the skate park. This week Liv gets a taste of week old brains from an agoraphobic hacker WoW troll while she decides that she finally needs to start living her life, or unlife. We also start to get a little bit of the walls beginning to close in on Blaine and his operation, but he isn’t quite feeling the heat yet. It was another fun episode that reminded me a little bit of my own World of Warcraft and City of Heroes days while also making me wonder if anyone on the show had ever actually played any of these games since they rarely get them even close to being right.
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iZombie S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Flight of the Living Dead
Original Airdate: 4-14-15

Another week another brains, as this show really starts the blow the lid off of the Zombie community and possibly drops a hint as to what the secret ingredient in this zombie mixture might actually be. This time around Liv sees the death of one of her old college friends who was the complete opposite of Liv before she died. She loved life, did extreme things on a daily basis, and while Liv wants to find out if she was actually murdered she also gets to spend some time actually enjoying herself. The only real issue I had is that this episode almost felt like it ended a bit too soon without being “to be continued…”
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iZombie S:01 E:03

Episode Title: The Exterminator
Original Airdate: 3-31-15

iZombie is back with another strong episode, if you’re not watching this show yet you really should be. It reminds me of Buffy in several ways besides the fact that it has a strong female lead and plenty of quick, witty dialogue. What it really does well that Buffy also did is to take aspects of real life and filter them through this extremely bizarre premise to make it allegorical. Besides that, there’s great characters all around and still a bit of an overarching mystery that is inching its way along in the sidelines. Plus, this episode has a small role from Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life, I haven’t seen that actor in ages, and boy does he look extremely different. I’m sure my wife would tell me that he could give Jordan Catalano a run for his money now. But I’m getting a ways away from the subject at hand here.
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